"As a Book Discovery Specialist, I help authors get their book found…faster."

It’s time that you propelled your book promotion to the next level.

Who I Am

J.P. Thompson CHt.

Board Certified & Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist (CHT)

Board Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner

Sales and Online Marketing Specialist

Published Author on Selling

Best Selling Author on Sales & Selling and Business Communication Skills

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What I Do

Thousands want to read your book, they just can’t find it!


That’s all about to change . . .

As a book discovery specialist, I help authors get their books found so they can sell more books and climb the charts faster.


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Proven Results

“J.P. Thompson is positively brilliant!”

“After nearly giving up on AdWords, I hired J.P. to manage my accounts.  I’m astounded by the improvement in my AdWords campaigns! In the first two weeks alone, I had almost a 400% increase in clicks with double the click through rate–best of all, he cut my costs in half!!  If you’re looking for an AdWords master, I urge you to give him a try!”

- Award Winning & Best Selling Author of In Leah’s Wake.


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Client Portfolio

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The Art Of Change

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Doing Max Vinyl – Annie Ogden Mysteries

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Zombie Candy – Annie Ogden Mysteries

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In 1884, descendants of an ancient colony of pirates and their brutal tribal allies...

Broken Pieces

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After Midnight In The Garden Of Good Evil

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