Oh My God, Not My Frappaccino!

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Book PromotionThere you sit in your favorite chair pensively sipping on your frappuccino, gazing out the window not noticing the people coming and going.  You dream about your bestseller and you imagine topping the Amazon charts.  Then suddenly reality sets in: OMG, blogging, tweeting, article writing, advertising, book tours, etc., etc.  All the things I need to do to expose my book to climb the charts. Sigh!


What was that you are telling yourself?

  • I don’t blog,
  • I’m too old to twitter,
  • I don’t know what to blog or tweet about,
  • I don’t know about this SEO thing,
  • I can’t afford to advertise, yada yada yada . . .


Let’s get real for a moment and jump out of the box.  Don’t blog, don’t twitter, don’t advertise, don’t know SEO . . . as The Terminator once said, “no problemo.”  For little more than the cost of your frappuccino you could:

  • Get an article or blog post written for you.
  • Have someone write awesome tweets for you.
  • Have your promo message tweeted to over 100,000 people on twitter.
  • Have a Facebook Fan Page created.
  • Have your message posted for a 100,000+ people to see on Facebook.
  • Submit a press release to multiple press release sites.
  • Get a video made to promote your book or website.
  • And so much more.


Fiverr.com is it.  You can find all sorts of services on Fiverr.com for a mere $5.  Just a little more than the cost of your coffee drink each day, you can do book promotion.  This site is a good resource.  Don’t blog, don’t twitter, don’t advertise, don’t know SEO . . . “no problemo.


Also, you could do promo activities with a paid search or a display network advertising campaign.

  • Advertise your video on YouTube and get up to 100s of views of your video each week from searches on YouTube – $5.00/day.
  • Have your book seen each day thousands of times on a number of websites like FanFiction.net – $5.00/day.


Also, for little more than a few coffee drinks you can get an author interview or do a guest post at @IndieBookPromos (indiebookpromo.com).


You are in a global marketplace.  Whether you can or can’t do any of the above is of no consequence.  It is so easy to find others who can do it for you, which will free you up to do what authors do, write.


So, tomorrow as you sit in your favorite chair pensively sipping on your coffee, gazing out the window and dreaming about your bestseller, that great coffee aroma swirling around you enticing the senses, and slowly vanishing from your cup — remember, so too are vanishing readers.


Remember!  You can do it all for little more than the cost of your frappuccino. EXPOSE yourself, NOW!


Until next time…

“Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.”  Casey Kasem


By J.P. Thompson