To Amazon or a Landing Page? Decision Time for Your Online Book Advertising Campaign

When doing online book advertising, where would you drive the traffic to from the ads you run?  There are some considerations.

My last post, Are You Testing or Just Hoping Your Online Book Advertising Campaign Works, demonstrated the importance of using a landing page to test ads, keywords, and genres for your online book advertising campaign and in The Secret to Advertising Your Book on Amazonyou discovered that the only way to advertise your book on Amazon was to send your ad traffic to a landing page.

As discussed, a key consideration is to drive traffic to a landing page first. Below are the results of a recent test I ran comparing sending traffic direct to a landing page (the before the change) and then direct to Amazon ( and after the change). You be the judge of the effectiveness of choosing to send traffic to a landing page.

#1 – A LOSS of 97% of the impressions!

The ad was getting 14,000 impressions a day before the change (to the landing page) and 400 impressions after the change (direct to Amazon). Before the change 97%+ of the ads were running on Amazon, the place where readers are searching for your type of book to read. They saw the top 12 books on the first page of the search results, which didn’t interest them and then clicked on the ad below looking for that type of a book to read.

Impressions (# of times the ad showed)

Online Book Advertising

#2 – A LOSS of 57% in clicks!

The landing page was getting and average of 35 clicks a day before the shift to Amazon.  After the change the clicks on the ads dropped to an average of 15 clicks per day.

Number of Clicks on the Ad

Online Book Advertising

Further, not only was there a loss in daily clicks, the clicks that happened after the change cost 2x more! Why?

  • The ads were running mainly on Google, which is typically more expensive than the ads that run on Amazon.


The landing page had a 27% conversion rate (clicks on the buy buttons). You would be doing very well to get that high of a conversion rate when driving traffic direct to Amazon. Also, a landing page can sell your book better than the Amazon book page alone can.


You have a choice as to where you can send the traffic from your ads. Consider a landing page for these reasons:

  • Ads will run on Amazon – where the book buyers are!
  • Test the effectiveness of your ads, keywords, and genre.
  • More readers will see your ads each day.
  • Potentially more clicks on your ads per day and more sales.
  • Could cost you less per click, improving your R.O.I.