Is Your Landing Page a Killer Sales Page or a Sales Killer Page?

Online Book AdvetisingOne important piece to your online book advertising or promotion is your landing page. A landing page is where your potential book buyer will end up (land) when they click on a link designed to send traffic to your book.  It can be a link from an ad campaign, a link on Twitter, a link on Facebook, or anywhere else your advertising or prompting your book. It can make or break a sale!  Is it a killer sales page or sales killer page.

It’s now time to take off your author hat.  You need to think like a marketer.  You are now selling a book, NOT writing one.

When running an online ad campaign or any other online promotion, it is important that your landing page is optimized to SELL!  Let me repeat that . . . is optimized to SELL!

As discussed in the previous two articles, To Amazon or a Landing Page? Decision Time . . . and Are You Testing or Just Hoping Your Online Book Advertising Campaign Works? it’s important to think like a potential reader of your book.

Think of your ad campaign this way:  The ad is your cold call on a prospect to get the opportunity to get in front of them to persuade them.  Your landing page is the actual sales call to sell them.  You can get a lot of clicks on your ad and drive a lot of traffic to your landing page, but does your landing page sell them once they arrive?

Here are three key questions to answer:

Does my landing page deliver on what I promised?

Again, it is important that your keywords > ad > landing page are relevant and congruent to each other.  You want to ensure that when a potential buyer lands on your page it is what they expected to find.

Why should I, as a potential reader, buy your book?

You are in competition with other books and authors for a reader’s book purchases.  So, it is important to differentiate your book from other similar books in your categories.  How is your book different or unique from other similar choices I have as a buyer?

People buy because of the benefit(s) (what it does for them) they will realize with the purchase.  So, tell them the benefits of buying your book. What will your book do for me if I buy it?  Will it make them laugh, feel good about themselves, help them solve a problem, to mention a few.

There are four decision factors that people use when making any decision.  One or a combination of each decision factor can influence people to decide.  They are: does the decision looks right, sound right, feel right, or seem right.  Below are the four decision factors and a sample of the keywords (predicates) for appealing to each decision factor.

Does this book look right for me?

  • Use visual words in your description like see, look, view, or observe.

*These buyers are heavily influenced by the “look” of your landing page. How visually appealing it is. They do judge a book by its cover!

Does this book sound right for me?

  • Use auditory words in your description like tell, hear, or said. They want to know what others’ have said or say about your book. So, use reviews on your landing page.

Does this book feel right for me?

  • Use kinesthetic words in your description or elicit an emotion. For example: “an emotionally stirring memoir,” “a moving and riveting story,” make you laugh while you wonder,” and etc.

Does this book seem right for me?

  • Use auditory digital words in your description like think, fact, know, or make sense.

Since you don’t know a potential reader’s decision factors, you should incorporate all four types of keywords (predicates) in your description.

Does your landing page have a strong call to action?

There needs to be a strong call to action on your landing page.

  • Buy, Now!
  • Read this book!
  • Subscribe today!
  • Purchase your copy, Now!

Further, you can have calls to action throughout your description.  For example:

  • As you read this book, you will . . .
  • When you buy this book, you can . . .
  • Purchase/Read this book to . . .
  • Buy/Read it to . . .

Always have a statement of what I, as a reader, should do next after viewing your landing page content.

Remember, one important piece to your online book advertising or promotion is your landing page.  Is yours a killer sales page?