Is Your Online Book Advertising Campaign Ready for the Holiday Push?

Posted by on Nov 24, 2014 in AdWords, Blog | 0 comments

Online Book AdvertisingNow is the time to have your online book advertising campaign in ship shape. So, here four things you can easily do right now to improve the effectiveness of your online book advertising campaign going into the holiday season.

 Test Your Ads and Keywords.

I can’t say enough about this one aspect of running an effective campaign. You absolutely should be testing your ads and keywords for what converts. You want your ads to have a both a high click-through-rate and a high conversion rate. It is not too late to test before the December push. Take the next week and test your ads and keywords.

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Use a Landing Page

Landing pages are very useful tools for testing and selling. Nothing can sell your book better than a well-optimized landing page. An effective landing page is one that is optimized to SELL and track conversions from your different ads. Also, if you want your ad to show on Amazon, you need to drive traffic to a landing page.

For more about landing pages, click here.

Use Ad Review Extensions

Review extensions are a new feature in AdWords and a way to highlight your best book reviews right in your ad. It is a feature that can improve your click-through-rate on your ads.

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Use Ad Callout Extension

This is another new ad feature in AdWords. You can use this feature to provide additional selling power to your ad with two to three bullet points about your book. Again, this feature can improve the click-through-rate on your ads.

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This holiday season; take these four actions to improve your online book advertising campaign.