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New Book Marketing App Launches

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Authors now have an easy way to create their book platform. Instead of authors going cross-eyed over what to put in their platform, we can now say “there’s an app for that”. Book Platform Defined A book platform documents a forum and following for a book in its first year of life. It’s a marketing plan that shows where a book’s readers are coming from, a useful device for attracting literary agents and publishers. DIY Book Platform DIY Book Platform is a web-based app that guides authors of multiple genres & publishing tracks to create a unique platform for their upcoming release....

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Four Book Buying Decision Factors – Are You Using Them?

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Are you using the four book buying decision factors in your online book advertising and promotion? Appealing to them will make your promotional message more compelling to the potential reader. Let me ask you a question. When making a decision, does the decision have to: look right, feel right, sound right, or seem right? This is your internal representation system. It is how you internally represent information that comes to you, and your experiences. You either internally represent it as pictures, sounds, feelings, smells, taste, or self-talk. Do you talk to yourself?  Of course you do!...

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Kind Words from a Client

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“After struggling to implement my own disastrous Google Ads campaign with my second novel, The In-Between Hour, I hired J.P. As promised, he managed to get the book onto various ‘best of ‘ Amazon lists, and I was thrilled to see a bump in my Amazon rankings and sales. Also, J.P. was very accommodating when I had to scale back my budget. He’s a joy to work with, and I can’t recommend him enough.” – Award-Winning Author of the In-Between Hour & The Unfinished...

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Amazon’s New Online Book Advertising

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Online book advertising just got a boost with Amazon’s “Run an ad campaign.” This is an enhancement to the KDP Select’s book promotion tools: “Kindle Countdown Deal” and “Free Book Promotion.” Yes, it is another benefit for KDP Select authors and only available to KDP Select members. As you may or may not know, in the past Amazon did not allow advertising of a book on Amazon that went directly to a book page on Amazon. You would have to advertise using AdWords and drive traffic from the ad to your own book landing page (see “The Secret to Advertising on Amazon”). Now you can advertise your...

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Three Ad Extensions You Need to Use In Your Online Book Advertising

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To optimize your online book advertising campaign and improve ad performance, you need to use sitelink extensions, review extensions, and the new callout extensions. Why you need to use them: Google gives preference to ads that use ad extensions. It is a great way to add additional information about your book to potential readers beyond the ads three lines of text. Sitelink Extensions Ad sitelink extensions are links that searchers can click on that take them to a specific page on a website.  See the image below. Review Extension An ad review extension is a way to incorporate a third party...

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Oh My God, Not My Frappaccino!

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There you sit in your favorite chair pensively sipping on your frappuccino, gazing out the window not noticing the people coming and going.  You dream about your bestseller and you imagine topping the Amazon charts.  Then suddenly reality sets in: OMG, blogging, tweeting, article writing, advertising, book tours, etc., etc.  All the things I need to do to expose my book to climb the charts. Sigh!   What was that you are telling yourself? I don’t blog, I’m too old to twitter, I don’t know what to blog or tweet about, I don’t know about this SEO thing, I can’t afford to advertise, yada...

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