Need Your Book Reviewed? Check Out These Book Reviewers!

book reviewersWhen building your online book marketing strategy, one of the most important marketing actives to do is to get book reviews for your book. Reviews are important since they provide social proof  to potential readers that your book is worth their time and investment. Here are a number of websites that provide book review services.

Amazon Book Reviewers

Book Review Broker:

  • This one submits the book to top Amazon reviewers.


Generate Immediate Exposure for Your Book

Book Daily:

  • Sign up at Book Daily. You can submit a chapter of your book which they send to their mailing list of potential readers of your book.


Book Review Sites

Kirkus Reviews:

Foreword Reviews:

Indie Reader:

Word Slinger Publicity:

Midwest Book Review:

Pacific Book Review:

Reader Reviews:

Online Book Club:

Book Reporter:

Kindle Obsessed:

Book Ideas:

Blue Ink Review:

Indie Book Reviewers:

Your First Review:

Red Adept Reviews: